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home away from home

At Wags your pets overnight stay should feel like their home away from home. Your pet has four options for their overnight accommodations - luxury suites, K9 Condos, comfy cabins, or family condo with camera.

You can also rest at night knowing all suites and cabins are monitored 24/7.

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comfy cabins

Our calm and comfortable cabins are 12 square feet of living space with glass doors to reduce noise. Each cabin comes with a comfy cot and soft blanket. Stay for the night for $35. 

(Extended stay discount

$27.00 after 7 days)

$ 35


Spacious 4x6 K9 condos, with glass fronts. Each condo is equipped with a Kuranda bed, and cozy blanket.

with plenty of comfortable space for a large dog, or roomy enough for two smaller dogs of the same family. Your dog will have a good night's rest on our cots by

especially after a full day of play.

(Extended stay discount

$33.00 per night after 7 days)

$ 40


The Family K9 Condo can accommodate 2-3 dogs comfortably. Includes a private camera stream.


$ 50

luxury suites

Ideal for those pampered pets who enjoy the finer things in life. Roughly over 40 square foot of space to accommodate a large breed, a multi-dog household or just anyone who deserves it. Our luxurious suites feature flat screen television programmed to animal shows and you can watch what your dog watches on our 24/7 video cameras. Each suite includes a Kuranda Bed designed for comfort along with a soft, cuddly blanket. Full day play is included when you stay with us. 

$ 70

family luxury

The Family Luxury Suite is spacious enough to accommodate 4-5 Dogs depending on size, has a private camera and includes daycare.

$ 90

The Grand W

 It functions more like a bedroom than a condo. Features multiple comfy beds, two cozy chairs, a 32" TV, and plenty of room to ruff house. There is a two night minimum stay, and all dogs must pass a "play evaluation" to stay.

$ 150


Addition Of Daycare Service With A Boarding Reservation $15


We also offer Extended Stay Packages, as well as 50% OFF each additional dog lodging together. 

Contact Us for more information.


Why Kuranda Beds?

The Kuranda Bed is the only genuinely chew proof bed available. Kuranda beds are the only beds that tuck the fabric safely inside their specially designed frame hidden from the dogs. The fabric is a thick heavy duty 40oz vinyl. Kuranda beds are built to last.


Dogs with allergies love that there is no stuffing that harbors dirt and allergens. Dogs that believe their mission in life is to seek and destroy all other dog beds finally have a comfortable place to sleep. 


Kuranda USA is a small manufacturing company based in Glen Burnie, Maryland. At Kuranda they believe Kuranda Beds can make a difference in the quality of life of any dog and every dog deserves a comfortable bed.

Interested in purchasing a Kuranda Bed for you furry friend at home? Click the link below to find the right bed for your furry family:

We love cats

Our cat condos are a unique, comfortable, and safe solution for short or long term stays.

When your cat stays with Wags and Whiskers, they will enjoy a private enclosure plus individual free time to roam and play. Each condo is set up with multi-levels and private litter area. Our cat room is heated and cooled for comfort.


Cats will also enjoy a sunny view outside. You can relax knowing the cat room is completely private and secure. Wags and Whiskers is the purr-fect home away from home.


Cats will be given individual freedom in the cat room to spread out and exercise.

Cat Resting
Kuranda Beds


Creating an account is simple and easy. You will need to complete the registration, including vet information  & vaccinations and sign our agreements. Once you create your pet (s) profile you’ll be able to make reservations for all of our services! 

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