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Come Play With Us

At Wags and Whiskers our goal is to provide plenty of social interaction for your pet. Our day play is designed so your pup has the best day ever.

Our facility has over 7,500 square feet of climate controlled space that is perfect for equal time of activity and ​necessary ​rest. Your pet will greet you at the end of the day happy, content and with​ just​ the right amount of energy!

Our open-play areas offer your pup plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and lots of socialization with other furry friends. They will be allowed to be a dog! That means they will run, jump, chase and fall down. They will be supervised by one of our Pet Coaches at all times to ensure safety. Your dog will have so much fun they will give new meaning to dog tired!

Make a Reservation with us today.

daycare 1/2 day

Up to five (5) hours of Play Time.


Daycare package Discounts:

Five Days    $65

Ten Days  $110 

 Twenty Days  $180  

daycare full day

Full day of play.


Daycare package Discounts:

Five Days    $115

Ten Days  $210

 Twenty Days  $380  


We also offer Extended Stay Packages, as well as Multi-Pet Discounts! Contact Us for more information.

Grey Muzzle Club

·Orthopedic beds

·Soft, rubber floors

·Natural daylight

·Fear free color design

·Puppy pads (if necessary)

·Private outdoor access

$40 / A Day

Now Introducing
the Grey Muzzle Club

A daycare room designed for senior dogs or ones with special needs. This is an all new doggy daycare concept built around our ability to handle many post surgery dogs, 3 legged friends, severly arthritic pups, and even those with 100% loss of vision or hearing. The Grey Muzzle Club will provide all day tender loving care. Each day also includes custom enrichment & report cards.

Daycare groups

Which group best describes your furry friend?


A Tail Chaser? Lazy Bones? Part of the Goofy troop? Old hound?


Daycare dogs are grouped according to several different characteristics from size to temperament. Wags and Whiskers will have several places where you dog will fit in, feel safe and have the most fun.


Start with the GOOFY TROOP. This group is based on medium to large breed dogs who are usually full of energy. The Goofy Troop are just that - they like to run hard and sometimes crash hard.


The LAZY BONES on the other hand are a bit more laid back or even timid. It may take them longer to warm up. This group may enjoy lounging comfortably in smaller groups with fewer friends.


The TINY TAILS is for the small breed who think they are bigger than they really are. This group can include toy breeds and puppies.


Last but not least are the OLD HOUNDS. These are our been there, done that mature dogs. This group is mild mannered and likes to socialize occasionally.



Creating an account is simple and easy. You will need to complete the registration, including vet information  & vaccinations and sign our agreements. Once you create your pet (s) profile you’ll be able to make reservations for all of our services! 

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