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Make a reservation with us by phone or online.

Head over to Gingr and sign in, or create a new pet profile, with our pet management service. Creating an account is simple and easy. You will need to complete the registration, including vet information  & vaccinations and sign our agreements. Once you create your pet(s) profile you’ll be able to make reservations for all of our services! 

New Members Registration Code:

What is Gingr?

Every dog boarding kennel and resort is a little different. Gingr is our easy to use scheduling app. These are our live cameras to be able to see how much fun your babies are having! You will receive a text or email upon confirmation. The Gingr app will link to IDogCam system.
With Gingr you will be able to register as a new client at either Dothan or Enterprise location. Once you register your fur babies you will be able to request an appointment for daycare, boarding, or spa for either location.

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